Researchers can capture debrief notes with a flexible editing process, while keeping a common, agreed structure across all their session debriefs.

Each debrief note is similar to a piece of data: text and possibly images. It's part of a project, and comes from a field session. It also belongs to a debrief section; debrief sections are the structure of debriefs, a simple sequence of headings. Usually a team of researchers will agree in advance on the debrief headings, but a new section can be added at any time by any researcher on the project team.

While entering debrief notes, each new note is automatically set to be in the same section and session as the previous one, so you can stay in the flow of capturing your notes one section at a time, and change section when convenient. To keep track of where you are, your last debrief note is displayed above the entry form, and your most recent notes are summarized in the context sidebar.

If you are entering debrief notes in separate projects, the context of entry is kept separately for each of your projects.